vrijdag 9 mei 2008

A soundtrack for great weather

As said above... The songs in today's post are some of my personal favourites to listen to when the sun is shining, the smell of fresh-mown grass and sun lotion is in the air, and evenings are filled with friends, music and way too much red wine.

Interpol - "Evil" (not everyone tends to see this as a summery song, but I definitely do, I think mostly because of the very sultry guitar riffs)

U2 - Beautiful Day (I always play this song when the sun finally permanently makes it through the clouds - Bono's voice timbre adds so much to the atmosphere of this song, it's one of my ultimate favourites)

Jamie Lidell - "What's The Use?" (he'll definitely appear again in the blog sometime very very soon, but - awaiting that glorious moment - the amazing Mr. Lidell deserves to be mentioned in this post as well, because of his ultimate summer tune 'What's The Use?')

Stereophonics - "Dakota" (whereas Interpol's "Evil" imo demonstrates the ultimate summer-like guitar riffs, this song owns the most summery synths ever)

The Beatles - "Here comes the sun" (no explanation needed, I reckon - love to George!)

The Beatles - "You've got to hide your love away" (one of my favourite Beatles songs, John's voice is so gorgeous in it - I like to sing along to this song whilst leaning out of my bedroom window)

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