dinsdag 13 mei 2008


I thought their debut album 'Faded Seaside Glamour' was okay, but it was the non-album single 'Lost in a Melody' and the second album 'You See Colours' that turned me into probably one of the biggest Delays fans around.

Delays are four pretty boys (don't want to be superficial, but it has to be said) from Southampton who make irristible indie pop, famous for its catchy mix of keyboards, guitars and falsetto yet raw vocals provided by lead singer Greg Gilbert. They have just released their third studio album 'Everything's the Rush', which as could be expected contains lots of fresh supertunes!

Delays - "Hooray" (the new and very exiting single!)

Delays - "Love Made Visible" (also taken from the new album as well as from the Love Made Visible EP)

Delays - "Valentine" (one of my favourites on the previous album)

I can go on for ages... This is what pop music should be like!

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