maandag 12 mei 2008

Jamie Lidell

...needs to be mentioned again, because I love him quite a lot.

I've never felt a lot like forcing people into liking music, but I can't deny it'd seriously be worried if you wouldn't be into Jamie Lidell. The man has got a superb voice, amazing songs and live shows that simply blow you away. Soul and funk combined with can sound completely non-authentic and awful, but Mr. Lidell proves it can also sound like one of the best things you've ever heard. Both his new album 'Jim' and its predecessor 'Multiply' are absolutely must-haves!

Jamie Lidell - "A little bit of feel good"

Jamie Lidell - "Another Day"

Jamie Lidell - "Multiply"

2 opmerkingen:

Ine zei

Mijn kat lag op mijn schoot, maar toen ik Jamie opzette liep die weg! :)

LVE zei

Laten we maar hopen dat het de dancing vibes waren, want anders beklaag ik de goede smaak van uw kat. :p