zondag 21 september 2008

Stars of Europe

Last Friday a pretty impressive bunch of artists performed at the Atomium in Brussels for a good cause, Unicef more precisely. Not only was this an excellent way to put this great organisation into the spotlights, there were also quite some musical highlights to enjoy.

My personal favourites of the evening:

* Starsailor, playing their own top hit "Four to the Floor", but also doing a beautiful cover version of U2's "All I want is you. Their singer is simply brilliant.
* Thomas Dutronc, son of Fran├žoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc, in duet with the legendary Adamo ├ánd solo.
* Air Traffic, with only 1/2 of the band on stage, but still convincing.
* OMD, because classics never grow old.

Let's just forget about Kate Ryan, Garou and Teatro. Please.

Starsailor - "All I Want Is You" (U2 cover)

Thomas Dutronc - "Jeune, je n'savais rien"

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